In 1968-1974, Dr. Ahmad Alizadeh Khoey, the dutiful scientist anesthetist, devoted himself to gather many educated scientists such as Professor Adl, Dr. Hamidieh, Dr. Molavi, Dr. Khalil, Dr. Shakiba, purchased an area of ​​3,040 m2 located in the hills of Abas Abad on the margins of Tehran with the intent of establishing a private well-equipped hospital. Upon this humanistic and social purpose and constant contribution and strong faith, coinciding with the spring blossom, the first milestone of the Hospital set off on the day of Majesty Ali. A few changes were planned by the Board of Directors, Dr. Mirahmadi as the Managing Director was elected, and afterward the construction of the Hospital continued.


Afterwards, many expert members gathered in the shareholder position and the management change, thereby the new Board Manager was Seyed Ali Mirmozaffari in the position of the Managing Director.

He continued the construction operations and the new decisions were taken not to sell the building and then the floors were increased from 9 to 12 floors and the beds increased from 200 to 300 beds. After the completion of the construction, the hospital was developed in April 4, 2000 and the first baby was born by Dr. Mojaradi at 9:30 am.

Kasra Hospital includes the units: (1) Emergency, (2) CCU, (3) Intensive Care Unit (ICU-G, ICU-OH), (4) cardiovascular, surgical, pediatrics, gynecology, obstetrics and the other units (POST CATH, neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), angiography (catheterization), Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), nuclear medicine, radiology, crusher, hemodialysis, hearing and amplification hearing aid clinic, laser clinic, and hair transplant) which were launched in the next few years.

The new Board of Directors elected Dr. Nasser Sadeghian as the new Managing Director, who performed many developments for the certain transfer of the adjacent land ownership and the relevant documents for the 750 meters expansion of the Hospital Development Project and the building in the southern location of the main hospital and the equipment and establishment and the development via the purchase of the adjacent apartments. In addition, the new Board of Directors has elected Dr. Rooholahi on January 8, 2010, so far, as the new Managing Director, who has managed with the new measures, e.g. the purchase of two apartments, the MRI purchase and installation, the purchase of the digital devices and imaging devices, construction follow-up in the eastern location, the power post displacement and the addition of the previous power post location to the emergency room, the construction and purchase of the equipments for disposal wastes, the reconstruction of the chemotherapy clinic, the overall reconstruction of the sectors, the replacement plan of ICU, the establishment of dialysis and ICU, and the reconstruction of Afrino Building and the construction of women's clinic and menopause clinic, as all of which he has planned and developed.


This pioneering Hospital in the context of the public health care and the provision of the best services for the domestic and foreign clients has reached the highest status according to the guidelines and validation.